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  • Businesses urged to put big data and security analytics together

    Many companies don't apply data analytics tools to IT security processes. But commentators at a SAS conference said doing so could help them identify and stop security threats.

  • Indian banks invest in real-time data

    Indian banking and securities firms will be spending about INR 470bn on IT products and services in 2014, with technology to provide real-time data at the top of shopping lists.

    In the first quarter of 2014, the Reserve Bank of India...

  • Government of Maharashtra to clean up electoral data

    The Government of Maharashtra is cleaning up voter lists using IT tools, to minimize duplications in voter ID cards and correct errors

  • Drowning in a sea of cybersecurity tools?

    Here’s how to conquer the steady stream of new technologies and find the best security tools beyond point solutions.

  • Why customer service automation goes awry

    Customer service automation is increasingly becoming non-negotiable for companies today. Without it, contact centers would be overwhelmed with calls, emails and social media posts, with no way to filter and sort them so they get answered quickly....

  • Data-centric approach to security in India needed

    A data-centric approach to security is an urgent necessity as cloud computing enables ever-increasing volumes of data to be accessed with ease by multiple parties, industry executives said.

    As individuals make an increasing amount of...

  • Indian mobile business intelligence surge bucks global trend

    India is set to experience a surge in mobile business intelligence (BI) adoption despite slow global take-up.

    The latest BARC BI global survey showed that 16% of companies...

  • Comprehensive guide to desktop monitoring tools

    IT admins can identify the source of device and app problems using monitoring tools such as Windows Sysinternals and other offerings.

  • CRM critical to digital transformation in India

    Indian businesses are integrating their customer relationship management (CRM) investments with digital initiatives as the rate of customer interaction takes off.

    Social, mobile, big data, cloud and the internet of things are all driving...

  • Indian CIOs focus on understanding customers as economy picks up

    Spending on business intelligence and analytics technologies will increase as Indian CIOs attempt to better understand their customers in the light of an improving economy.

    The Indian economy will start to pick up in 2014 partly due to...

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