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  • CRM critical to digital transformation in India

    Indian businesses are integrating their customer relationship management (CRM) investments with digital initiatives as the rate of customer interaction takes off.

    Social, mobile, big data, cloud and the internet of things are all driving...

  • Indian CIOs focus on understanding customers as economy picks up

    Spending on business intelligence and analytics technologies will increase as Indian CIOs attempt to better understand their customers in the light of an improving economy.

    The Indian economy will start to pick up in 2014 partly due to...

  • Big data salary increases present cost pressure for Indian CIOs

    As pressure mounts on CIOs to drive business growth through customer acquisition, big data skills, which come at a premium, will put pressure on budgets.

    The need for people with the right skills means CIOs will spend more of their...

  • Indian consumers likely to use technology for health and fitness

    Indian consumers are enthusiastic about smart digital technology to collect and share lifestyle information, according to global research from Accenture.

    The willingness of consumers to share personal information through these devices is...

  • tooling

    Tooling, also known as machine tooling, is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production. 

  • How will India meet big data skills shortfall?

    Big data is at a nascent stage in India and businesses are looking for people with the right skills to help tap its potential for sustained business growth.

    But a shortfall in suitable candidates for jobs is anticipated unless graduates...

  • Indian midmarket companies caught up in big data hype

    India’s mid-market businesses are being swept along in the hype surrounding big data technology, with over a third planning on spending money...

  • Dr Reddy’s replaces Excel with BI software for capacity planning

    India-based pharmaceuticals giant Dr Reddy’s has implemented business intelligence software from ProGen to analyze data from multiple sources to help understand its manufacturing capacity.


  • Business intelligence is business-critical in India

    Indian businesses will spend 6.88bn INR on business intelligence (BI) software this year as a result of a 16% increase in demand for analytics applications, BI platforms, and software for corporate performance management (CPM), according to...

  • Foreign retailers could drive Indian big data investments

    Sid DeshpandeSid Deshpande, Gartner

    The infusion of foreign direct investment in the Indian retail market will drive...

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