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  • Implementing AWS security best practices

    Amazon Web Services has continued to improve its cloud security features, but that doesn't mean enterprises are void of responsibility. No matter the level of AWS security, each enterprise still has to do its share, and that can involve some...

  • Why customer service automation goes awry

    Customer service automation is increasingly becoming non-negotiable for companies today. Without it, contact centers would be overwhelmed with calls, emails and social media posts, with no way to filter and sort them so they get answered quickly....

  • Best practices for implementing BRM

    Business rule management (BRM) technologies, often characterized as decision management (DM), can play a valuable role in bringing business agility to the enterprise....

  • Government of Maharashtra to clean up electoral data

    The government of Maharashtra is cleaning up voter lists using IT tools, to minimize duplications in voter ID cards and correct errors.

    Face-recognition algorithm and geographic information system (GIS) technology are examples of the...

  • Desktop management tools and best practices

    The five key processes of inventory management, monitoring, software deployment, patching and security management may be implemented in different ways. Small organizations have different needs than large enterprises, and the range of desktop...

  • Continuous integration: Agile best practices

    The path to continuous delivery starts with a focus on Agile development and perfecting your continuous integration practices.

  • Best practices for BPaaS adoption

    As organizations begin to consider implementing a business process as a service (BPaaS) capability, it is important to consider that these are frequently built on top of other cloud IaaS and PaaS capabilities.

  • Best practices for effective server virtualization

    The advantages of virtualizing server workloads may be firmly established, but proper planning, provisioning and performance monitoring remain critical to effective server virtualization management. This three-part guide provides expert guidance on...

  • Microsoft accused again over UK government lobbying practices

    Further evidence has emerged of the extent to which Microsoft lobbied the UK government over its policy on open standards.

    Steve Hilton, a former director of strategy to David Cameron while opposition leader and as prime minister, has...

  • ICO calls for practical approach to data protection

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has called for a more practical approach to data protection regulation

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