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  • Why customer service automation goes awry

    Customer service automation is increasingly becoming non-negotiable for companies today. Without it, contact centers would be overwhelmed with calls, emails and social media posts, with no way to filter and sort them so they get answered quickly....

  • Government of Maharashtra to clean up electoral data

    The government of Maharashtra is cleaning up voter lists using IT tools, to minimize duplications in voter ID cards and correct errors.

    Face-recognition algorithm and geographic information system (GIS) technology are examples of the...

  • Jumpstart your cloud practice

    By now, every solution provider has heard of the business opportunities for cloud, whether it’s from industry experts in the media, business peers or IT customers. However, many solution providers struggle to build a solid cloud-based line of...

  • Commonly missed VMware best practices

    Over the past few years, I have worked with a number of customers to inspect the health of their VMware environment. This work involves checking for errors, performance, misconfigurations and items that do not follow VMware best practices. Just...

  • Experts flunk out on secure coding practices

    When it comes to secure coding practices, software pros and the businesses they serve fall woefully short.

    That's a big problem in a business climate where security breaches at companies like Target,...

  • Does a mainframe cloud exist, and is it practical?

    The mainframe is the original cloud. Since the 1970s, big iron has shared a virtualized environment between hundreds of users and processes.

    Just as on the cloud today, mainframe users weren't aware of the computer's location or...

  • What are VoIP over Wi-Fi best practices?

    What are some best practices for running VoIP over Wi-Fi? UC expert Zeus Kerravala explains the steps enterprises can take for a smooth deployment.

  • Vendor relationship management: Best practices for solution providers

    Vendor relationship management is no less important than customer relationship management for solution providers looking to unlock business growth. Learn best practices and why small solution providers especially should make VRM a...

  • How vendor relationship management practices empower partners

    Vendors have long dominated their partner relationships; however, through practices like vendor relationship management, solution providers are taking control.

  • As HIPAA audits approach, small practices remain unprepared

    In 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights will launch its first formal round of HIPAA audits. They will hit around 400 healthcare providers. Are they ready? Will they show compliance? What happens if they...

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