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  • Hadoop data lake

    A Hadoop data lake is a data management platform comprising one or more Hadoop clusters used principally to process and store non-relational data prior to use by analytical or other applications.

  • Make the right choice between Hadoop clusters and a data warehouse

    Consultant David Loshin outlines a process for comparing specific criteria and variables to help guide decisions on deploying Hadoop or using an enterprise data warehouse.

  • Data warehousing projects benefit from cloud and Hadoop

    Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Nik Rouda says Teradata needs to broaden its base if it wants to remain a go-to vendor for data warehousing. Rouda says the changing market means the company needs to focus its efforts on big data and the cloud....

  • Planning, skills needed to navigate Hadoop data lakes

    In the business intelligence and analytics world, data lakes are their own region -- one in which today's multifarious forms of information can be stored in their native forms until used -- and cheaply at that. But these vast storage repositories,...

  • When building Hadoop data lakes, don't plunge in without a plan

    A data lake may seem like a clear choice -- deposit all your data in a Hadoop repository for analytics uses -- but navigating those IT waters isn't so simple, consultant Wayne Eckerson says.

  • SQL Server, Hadoop both part of Analytics Platform System

    During the past few decades, data warehouses have become the core of an enterprise's information and decision support systems. These central repositories contain all relevant data (internal or external) for enterprise information and decision...

  • SAP HANA Hadoop enhancements called major step toward IoT

    SAP is moving to better integrate SAP HANA with big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the release of Service Pack 10 (SPS10), which includes enhanced support for SAP HANA Hadoop.

    SPS10 for the SAP HANA platform delivers new...

  • New tools tap SQL skills in bid to boost Hadoop platform adoption

    In many organizations, Hadoop is still pushing to go beyond proof-of-concept projects. Some vendors hope new tools that enable familiar SQL querying will lead it to broader adoption.

  • Cloud and big data don't necessarily mean Hadoop

    The cloud and big data don't always mean Hadoop. Careful study is required before choosing the right technology, says consultant Tom Nolle.

  • Database schemas still needed, despite Hadoop and NoSQL pretensions

    Hadoop and NoSQL haven't eliminated the need for database schemas, according to one expert. Instead, consider them flexible schemas waiting to be integrated.

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