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  • Cloud and big data don't necessarily mean Hadoop

    The cloud and big data don't always mean Hadoop. Careful study is required before choosing the right technology, says consultant Tom Nolle.

  • Ferment accompanies new Hadoop ecosystem initiative

    The Open Data Platform has arrived, but not all Hadoop vendors are on board. The initiative, aimed at boosting interoperability, formed a backdrop for discussion at the Strata + Hadoop World 2015 conference.

  • Cloud storage options: Object storage systems or Hadoop?

    Object storage systems and Hadoop are both viable cloud storage options. But consider the latter when performing big data analysis in the cloud.

  • Does Hadoop in the cloud give big data a boost?

    Hadoop is an option for handling the vast and diverse data sets that come with big data. But how exactly can it be used in an organization?

  • Hadoop data lake not a place for just lounging around

    A Hadoop data lake might sound like the perfect getaway from rigid relational databases. But the dream of lower IT costs and increased data flexibility can get a dose of cold-water reality when it comes to achieving the promises of deeper...

  • VMware boosts Hadoop and Hana with vSphere 6

    VMware has unveiled vSphere 6, the latest version of its virtualisation platform.

    This release supports OpenStack and can manage scale-up...

  • Hadoop and Spark are coming of age together

    Hadoop and Spark are open source data technologies that found interest at this year's Strata+Hadoop East, as reported in this Talking Data podcast.

  • New Hadoop projects aim to boost interoperability, data lake benefits

    As companies get a better handle on how to use big data wisely, a new effort on interoperability for Hadoop projects gets a mixed reaction.

  • SQL-on-Hadoop

    SQL-on-Hadoop is a class of analytical application tools that combine established SQL-style querying with newer Hadoop data framework elements.

  • Hadoop 2

    Apache Hadoop 2 is the second iteration of the Hadoop framework for distributed data processing.  Hadoop 2 adds support for running non-batch applications as well as new features to improve system...

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