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  • Geospatial data is on the map for Hadoop, Spark

    Software architect Mansour Raad is at the center of activity as geospatial data melds with Hadoop -- and soon, Spark.

  • The latest trends in the Hadoop project

    In this podcast, Tim Hall of Hortonworks discusses the Apache Hadoop project and how it has changed since its inception.

  • Hadoop distributions offer buyers economical options

    Running on clusters of commodity servers, Hadoop offers a high-performance, low-cost approach to building a big data management architecture that supports advanced analytics initiatives across several industries. As an open source...

  • Exploring Hadoop distributions for managing big data

    Companies of all sizes can use Hadoop, as vendors sell packages that bundle Hadoop distributions with different levels of support, as well as enhanced commercial distributions.

  • SQL on Hadoop sees success

    Some things just go well together, whether they were originally intended to or not. Peanut butter and jelly were probably invented by different people, but now they are most often found squished together between two slices of bread. Without SQL,...

  • Concurrent app management tools work on Hadoop and Spark

    If Hadoop and Spark are to sneak into the enterprise, they will need to be manageable. With Driven, Concurrent Inc. takes a stab at the problem.

  • SQL-on-Hadoop platforms open brave new analytics world

    Hadoop has been slowly plodding through the big data jungle, but SQL's integration may put a spring in the elephant's step.

  • SAP embraces Spark on Hadoop with Vora

    SAP announces Vora software to “deeply embrace” Hadoop as it evolves with Apache Spark

  • Co-creator Cutting assesses Hadoop future, present and past

    In a Q&A as Hadoop reaches one 10-year milestone in its development, co-creator Doug Cutting talks about the adoption of the big data framework, and the history and future of Hadoop.

  • Hortonworks optimizes Apache Hadoop performance

    Hortonworks has recently introduced new products to help enhance Apache Hadoop performance.

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