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  • TCS and Twitter generate real-time India election data

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Twitter have created an app to help people to observe, analyses and get involved in the Indian general election.

    The TCS iElect app has so far analysed over 3 million tweets to engage voters with...

  • Analytics jobs increase by 80% in India

    Demand for analytics professionals in India grew by a massive 80% companies made it a priority to take advantage of data

  • CRM critical to digital transformation in India

    Indian businesses are integrating their customer relationship management (CRM) investments with digital initiatives as the rate of customer interaction takes off.

    Social, mobile, big data, cloud and the internet of things are all driving...

  • Big data salary increases present cost pressure for Indian CIOs

    As pressure mounts on CIOs to drive business growth through customer acquisition big data skills, which come at a premium, will put pressure on budgets.

  • Big Data World Show Singapore 2014

    Big Data World Show Singapore 2014 will be launched on March 25-26! More than 150 big data scientist and analytics leaders from various industries such as...

  • Aadhar project slows down after public support diminishes

    The Aadhar project has enrolled over fifty core persons to date but, four years from the start of enrollment, progress is slowing down and public support is diminishing.

    Project problems are slowing progress as citizens fail to turn up...

  • Research points to big year for Indian big data in 2014

    Reports are pointing to big data as the top IT investment priority for Indian businesses in 2014 as organizations recognize the benefits

  • Indian CIOs focus on understanding customers as economy picks up

    Spending on business intelligence and analytics technologies will increase as Indian CIOs attempt to better understand their customers in the light of an improving economy.

    The Indian economy will start to pick up in 2014 partly due to...

  • Where is big data management in the Indian CIO's thinking?

    Indian businesses plan to implement big data initiatives next year as analytics becomes a strategy for 71.3%, according to research

  • Still early days for big data in India

    Indian organizations are missing out on business opportunities because they still do not recognize the importance of information and have not taken their big data strategies beyond the planning stage

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