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  • Managing privacy in the age of big data

    The concept of data privacy in the age of big data may seem somewhat antithetical to most commercial data-gathering operations, but...

  • Why customer service automation goes awry

    Customer service automation is increasingly becoming non-negotiable for companies today. Without it, contact centers would be overwhelmed with calls, emails and social media posts, with no way to filter and sort them so they get answered quickly....

  • Indian CIOs focus on understanding customers as economy picks up

    Spending on business intelligence and analytics technologies will increase as Indian CIOs attempt to better understand their customers in the light of an improving economy.

    The Indian economy will start to pick up in 2014 partly due to...

  • What's best for archiving?

    What's the best choice: tape-based, disk-based or cloud-based archiving?

  • Indian banks harness big data analysis amid competition

    The increasing penetration of broadband and the growth in smartphone usage in India are driving the development of...

  • Best practices for authentication options on AWS

    This tip reviews authentication options on AWS and best practices for using them to ensure accounts and information are well protected.

  • Five business intelligence system best practices for manufacturing cos

    No manufacturer can ignore business intelligence systems today. Follow these best business practices; let your manufacturing intelligence deliver results.

  • IBM users reveal five data governance best practices to remember

    Organizations launching an enterprise-wide data governance initiative must prepare for setbacks and be willing to employ a mashup of different techniques to succeed, according to IBM customers Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Cardinal...

  • Best practices for security data breach reporting

    The security data breach public response times from Target and Neiman Marcus were noticeably different. Expert Joseph Granneman explains which one works best.

  • Failure provides the best data center training

    When everything is working right, people aren't learning anything. When things go wrong, the real learning starts.

    This adage holds true for the military, athletic organizations and certainly IT. Take...

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