BI technologies

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  • Exploring the 'Big Data Frontier'

    IT business strategist Harvey Koeppel draws on historical data to explore the 'Big Data Frontier' and its potential to profoundly change the world. 

  • SAP introduces HANA-driven CRM deployment

    SAP has tied its HANA in-memory database to its CRM software. Analyst Denis Pombriant hoped the offering would focus more on connections and less on speed. 

About BI technologies

Discover how to effectively evaluate BI technologies in this section. Our in-depth resources will help you demystify the implementation of optimal business intelligence solutions. Power packed tips will help you harness the power of business intelligence tools to the core. We also feature a selection of in-depth whitepapers to ensure that you don’t go wrong, when it comes to BI software. Learn about the latest BI technologies through well-researched features and news stories by our editors. Get advice on business intelligence related skillsets that will help your organization as well as boost your career. Read on to explore the world of possibilities that BI technologies bring to your organization.