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  • box plot

    A box plot is a graphical rendition of statistical data based on the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum. The term "box plot" comes from the fact that the graph looks like a rectangle with lines extending from the top and bot... 

  • heat map (heatmap or tree map)

    A heat map is a two-dimensional representation of data in which values are represented by colors. Heat maps allow users to understand and analyze complex data sets. 

About BI reporting tools

Go beyond just dashboard gimmicks with these extensive resources on BI reporting tools. Determine the right ways to use business intelligence and reporting tools to empower business goals. Learn how to select the best tools for business intelligence in your organization. Iron out kinks during rollout of business intelligence software, with expert advice from leading implementers. Enhance initiatives such as user acceptance of BI reporting tools, with tips from industry gurus. Benchmark the usage of BI reporting, with methodologies apt for your business environment. Detailed case studies will help you learn from others’ success stories and ensure that you avoid their setbacks. Also, explore the ways in which tools for business intelligence can help you achieve business objectives using this section of