Where to look for Oracle DBA learning materials

In this expert answer, Brian Peasland tackles two questions regarding where to find good Oracle DBA learning materials.

I am a newbie in the database administrator industry and I have been appointed as an Oracle DBA. So how would I learn more about Oracle so that I can grow my Oracle knowledge?

Could you send me a location for video tutorials on Oracle Database 11g Release 2, especially on Oracle backup and recovery?

The best place to start, in my opinion, is the Oracle documentation. There are a lot of documents there, and for the beginner, I recommend the following:

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The "2 Day DBA" documentation gives you a quick primer. After that, read the Oracle Database Concepts Guide and the Oracle Administrator's Guide.

If the Oracle documentation is not working for you, then there are a number of authors willing to sell you their books. Just start a search on (or similar site) for books with "Oracle" in their title. Anything on Oracle Press is worth a read.

As for videos, the best place I know is YouTube. Search for "Oracle 11g" and you will get a number of interesting topics people have recorded. Refine your search for something like "Oracle 11g backup" if you want.

This was first published in August 2012